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Mariusz Duda

Interior Drawings


1. Racing Thoughts (05:18)
2. Interior Drawings (05:43)
3. Shapes in Notebooks (04:49)
4. Prisoner by Request (05:38)
5. Dream of Calm (03:25)
6. How to Overcome Crisis (04:55)
7. Almost Done (06:28)
8. Temporary Happiness (05:15)

Mariusz Duda – piano, keyboards, various synthesizers, vocals, samples and all other sounds

Recorded between September and November 2021 at Serakos Studio, Warszawa, Poland by Magda and Robert Srzedniccy

Music Mariusz Duda

Produced by Mariusz Duda and Magda and Robert Srzedniccy

Artwork and Layout by Hajo Muller

Photo Tomasz Pulsakowski