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There are no palms, sand or ocean. It’s not a hotel with a swimming pool. Nor is it a beautiful historic city with cosy cafes and mouth-watering local cuisine. There are no mountain ranges or canyons. There are practically no “classic facilities”. There is only silence over a half-frozen lake. Silence so intense that the tinnitus on which I’ve been working hard for years is making itself heard. It’s a perfect place for summarising the past year and making plans for the next one.

I think I must have an old soul because I feel… enough here.

Everyone has their own needs and their own options, everyone copes with stress and exhaustion in their own way. It’s not my business, really. I’m not judging. I’m not glorifying. I’m simply wondering if you have your own “inconspicuous” places you like to go back to? And can such places still be enough in our overstimulated life?