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“Reverb”, “Reverberation” – that’s how I usually call the few days after coming back home from a longer tour or after finishing an important project, e.g. a new album. During “reverb”, I curl up in bed with a book or TV series, sometimes with a game, and I try to rest and recuperate.

I know that the best way to rest is to change your surroundings, fly to the end of the world, lie on a beach, on a deck chair near the hotel pool, wander through markets and old towns, but if your job is about being on the move all the time, then you sometimes need to simply stop. At least I need that for sure.

And I usually do hole up in the “Sweet Shelter of Mine” and I let the imagination of other artists take me on a journey. But there’s an inner fight going on at the same time because I can’t simply “reverberate”. I am constantly being drawn somewhere (DON’T STOP! MOVE ON!) and a voice at the back of my head is urging me to do something, anything! Which, obviously, makes me feel guilty even though I know that I deserve a break – so I end up relaxing and rebooting only partially… but you take what you can get.

With time, I have leant to “reverberate” better. I was almost 100% successful this time.

And you? Can you “reverberate” at home? (Provided, of course, that you have suitable conditions for it – if you have little kids all over you, then you most likely don’t have time for that or for social media :)) Are you able to lock yourselves up in your four walls and rest, or do you have to escape? And when you do “reverberate”, what makes you calm? What helps you reset your brain?