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Riverside are touring the UK and Ireland, playing the final concerts of the „ID.Entity” tour, and while on the bus, on a ferry, during the breaks, I listen to what I’ve managed to create so far for the new, eighth Lunatic Soul album.

For now I can say this much. It will be long. And it will possibly be the most rock sounding album (for Lunatic Soul, that is). Musically, it will be a combination of „the black one”, „the blue one”, and „the green one”. It will be dark and melancholic. Emotionally, it will have a bit of a farewell feeling. Do you recall those late August days? The final parts of a series of books and films? The last good seasons of TV shows? That’s the kind of vibe you’ll get from it.

I’m starting to work on the lyrics. I’ll be recording vocals in June and July. Keep your fingers crossed – if everything works out, it will be one of the best releases in my whole 20-album discography (RIV/LS/MD).